Safe@Last K-6 Curriculum

Because there is nothing more important than keeping children safe.

Safe@Last® is a sexual assault primary prevention curriculum designed for students in Kindergarten- sixth grades with age-appropriate, sequential and comprehensive education, presented in an interactive web-based learning environment for both children and educators. Each lesson builds on and reinforces the skills learned in previous lessons with opportunities for students to practice each learned skill. The program includes age-appropriate learning techniques such as role-playing, music, games, stories, and an interactive online workbook to enhance the learning process for each individual student.


  • Trains educators to recognize and respond to the occurrence of sexual assault.
  • Provides students with skills to know what sexual assault is and how to disclose and respond to sexual assault, while also addressing social issues such as peer pressure, bullying, home alone safety and the internet and social media
  • Gives students knowledge to get help if they, or someone they know, are in an abusive or dangerous situation.

The program includes information to facilitate parental and family involvement beyond the classroom. The curriculum can be implemented in public, private, or alternative schools as well as home school settings.

Benefits to educators, families and schools

  • Engaging, cost-effective program
    • The Sexual Assault Center trains counselors within each school to present the program. Training may take place online or in-person.
    • The Safe@Last program is comprehensive by containing everything needed to implement the program. Teachers are provided a digital link to access a curriculum manual for each grade level, activities, scripts and grade level tests as well as access to the interactive, online activity books for students
  • Revised annually to stay culturally relevant.
  • Meets national education standards in health, counseling, speaking and listening, and technology, and many ASCA standards
  • Tools for parent involvement
  • Evidenced Informed curriculum with student evaluation of mastery
How is Safe@Last Meeting the Need?
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Curriculum Feedback

Safe@Last Student

"I learned that you should be up front and tell somebody what is going on."

T. Williams, Super- intendent, Diocese of Nashville

"Students enjoy the program, especially role-playing different situations."

Metro-Nashville Public Schools

"...the Safe@ Last curriculum gave them the knowledge to identify abuse in their own lives."

Counselor at Bethesda Elementary

"I know the program is effective because I had a few reports… The program comes with everything the teacher needs, right down to a script that tells them what to say."

School Counselor

"Almost every child feels that she must be the ONLY one; most feel the guilt of 'It must have been my fault.' ...As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I cannot tell you strongly enough how important Safe@Last and SAC are to me."