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Empowering young people to stay safe and build strong, healthy relationships.

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BE! is a sexual assault awareness curriculum designed for middle and high school students. It focuses on promoting healthy relationships, while giving teens resources to get help if they experience dating violence or other forms of abuse. Be. was developed to help teens understand their unique value in order to treat themselves and each other with respect. Additionally, the program encourages and empowers teens to make a difference in their community by learning skills to end sexual violence and change social expectations.

BE! topics include:

  • Myths and facts about Sexual Assault
  • Understanding Consent
  • Unsafe internet and social media behaviors
  • Responding to cyber bullying
  • How to be an active bystander
  • Skills for supporting a victim/survivor
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Conflict resolution skills

Program Components:

  • Activities and lessons designed for students in 7th-12th grades
  • Age appropriate, sequential, and comprehensive sexual assault primary prevention curriculum
  • Interactive, web-based learning environment
  • Teachers can choose lessons and activities from the FOUR main topics
  • Role-Plays for students
  • Engaging stories with discussion questions
  • What Would You Do Scenarios that are relevant to students’ lives
  • Review Games

Benefits to Educators, Families & Schools

  • Engaging, cost-effective program
  • The Sexual Assault Center trains educators within each school to present the program. Training may take place online or in-person.
  • Revised annually to stay culturally relevant, include latest research, and meet national education standards
  • Meets many national education and American School Counseling Association standards
  • Tools and resources for parent involvement
  • Resources and FAQs for teens
  • Research based curriculum
How is Be! Meeting the Need?
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Curriculum Feedback

Johnson City School Counselor

"I really enjoyed the workshop! I love when I attend a workshop and get material I can actually use!!!!! You did an excellent job! Thanks for coming to Johnson City!!"

Donna, High School Counselor

"I loved it! That's the BEST training and materials that I've ever gotten in one day!! Thanks! You are doing a terrific job! And I plan to start using it with my next lesson!"

Connie, High School Counselor

"Thanks so much. We had a fun day. We are impressed with the program and materials and excited to begin using them."